A real estate developer that is building, renting and then selling commercial properties (offices, warehouses, and residential buildings) – would like to preserve its market leader position by constructing buildings with the greatest possible energy efficiency. The Avatar that will help solve such a problem: Energy Efficient Buildings.

How do you develop any commercial building that is as energy-efficient as possible? How do you know about green building ratings? How can you find, track, analyze the latest trends, information on the new energy-efficient technologies, innovations, all quickly, without unnecessary research work?

Given a market-leading real estate development company that wants to maintain its market position. There are several similar developers working on the market, there is a lot of competition. They know exactly that one of the possible ways to get the best possible tenants is to apply as many technological innovations as possible, with a high emphasis on energy efficiency. When tenants can choose from many different high-end, state-of-the-art buildings with green technologies, why should they lease mediocre, nothing special products of the real estate market?

How can they design and build attractive office, residential, or even industrial or warehousing buildings that meet the latest standards of energy efficiency, and are the most appealing to tenants? With a lot of research, reading, gathering information. They need to gather as much knowledge as possible about the latest developments and innovations in smart buildings, energy-saving, green technologies, environmental ratings, and the related plans and already applied solutions of their competitors. All this quickly because time is money.

However, we have all experienced that there are times when we do not know how to start a search. What words should we use, can we even put in a single word what we are looking for? Many times the information available to us is too much and too little at the same time. Search results are not always relevant, they are repeated many times, finding quality, truly usable articles, and information is an extremely time-consuming process.

Bright Me Up helps with that! You simply select the Avatar called “Energy Efficient Buildings” and you can immediately follow what the latest energy-efficient development trends are, what are the latest market requirements, and what the competition is doing concerning environmental impact and energy efficiency.

You do not need to spend long hours looking for information, you can focus your energies more on analyzing and implementing the knowledge you have acquired.

What is BrightMeUp! actually? How does it work?

BrightMeUp! is an intelligent knowledge base with which you can gain real business knowledge from selected, credible sources. At your disposal, you have virtual colleagues with artificial intelligence, Avatars, a meaning-based search engine (Explore), and a customizable news feed (News).


Avatars are able to learn a topic like a human being. The Avatars available in the app were taught at the time of their creation, with the help of dozens of articles, what articles are related to a given topic in terms of content, and what are not. Thus, even in a narrow area like energy-efficient buildings, you will see exactly the relevant articles. The trained Avatar constantly collects, reads, selects the latest articles on the topic, which you can read in the feed. This gives you great support and saves you time, and you can get up to date quickly. In BrightMeUp!, you can choose from Avatars that cover the whole world of Real Estate. If there is a topic for which you cannot find an Avatar, you can request one.


If you want to delve deeper into a topic, the meaning-based search engine in the Explore interface ensures you can find what you want. Here you can even search with longer texts, with a single paragraph or even by copying an entire document into the search window. This allows you to search for a complex topic that cannot be described by a single keyword. Based on the meaning of the text you enter, you will receive (accurate) results in order of relevance or chronology as you wish. It is important, that we do not save your search history, do not build user profiles, hits are displayed solely based on the content of the search text.


In the feed (News) you can define what you want to read. Just select the Avatar you are interested in and you can already read its news. Quickly, easily.

So in order to gain up-to-date knowledge, stay competitive, or gain a competitive advantage through the knowledge you have acquired, it is enough to select an Avatar and follow its news. From now on, you don’t have to spend time searching, but on analyzing and processing the acquired knowledge.


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