How can I maintain my market position in a rapidly changing industry? What should I change in my activities to become more effective? The knowledge of our industry to maintain market position is crucial. The Avatars that will help our work: Fintech Industry Overview; Business Model Innovations.

Fintech is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Whether it is a large company or a small startup, the pressure to stay at the forefront of emerging innovative solutions, trends and regulations are essential. Whether it is the strategic steps of a mammoth corporation or the survival of a minor startup, benefits can only be gained from being the first to know about the factors that affect us either positively or negatively. We need to find the information that is required to be the first to begin an activity that puts our business at the forefront, or, thanks to our being always up-to-date, we can prepare in time for an event affecting our industry negatively that could set back the profitability of our company.

A young startup that only recently entered the market with a truly unique solution is still inexperienced. Even though what they offer is truly innovative and competitive, they are unable to meet the business goals they set, they are constantly faced with unexpected costs, and inevitably, competitors who keep pushing them out of the market are bound to emerge.

Under the pressure of time and rising costs, they had to react quickly to the situation, and of course, they were only interested in cost-effective solutions. They were not prepared to continue operating under an alternative scenario and did not know what they needed to change to regain their position.

A small company struggling to survive cannot afford time-consuming research work with uncertain outcomes. What is needed is a quick and secure solution because in their case the saying “time is money” is especially true.

That is why Bright Me Up! is a useful ally when you are in trouble. It saves you long and fruitless research hours. We simply select the Avatar/Avatars that offer the best solution to our problem, and as they understand the subject, provide us with essential information in real-time from reliable and credible sources. Every time information is interpreted, the system gains knowledge, thus it can also help you make decisions under pressure.

What is BrightMeUp! really? How does it work?

BrightMeUp! is an intelligent knowledge base with which you can gain genuine business knowledge from selected, credible sources. Avatars, i.e. a virtual staff with artificial intelligence, are at the user’s disposal offering a meaning-based search engine (Explore) and a customizable news feed (News).


Avatars are able to learn a topic like a human being. The Avatars available in the app were taught at the time of their creation, with the help of dozens of articles, what articles are related to a given topic in terms of content, and what are not. This way, even in a limited area, you will see exactly the articles related to the topic. The trained Avatar constantly collects, reads and selects the latest articles on the topic, which you can read in the feed. So the Avatar works for you and saves you time, while you get yourself up to date quickly. In BrightMeUp! you can choose among Avatars covering the whole fintech field. If there is a topic for which you cannot find an Avatar, you can request one.


If you want to delve deeper into a topic, the meaning-based search engine in the Explore interface ensures that you can find what you want. Here you can even search with longer texts, with a single paragraph or even by copying an entire document. This allows you to search for a complex topic that cannot be described by a single keyword. Based on the meaning of the entered text you will get (exact) results in order of relevance or chronology, whichever you prefer.

It is important to note that we do not save your search history, we do not build a user profile, the results are displayed only based on the content of the text of the search.


In the news feed (News) you can define what you want to read. Just select the Avatar you are interested in and you can begin to read its news. It’s quick and easy.

So in order to gain up-to-date knowledge, stay competitive, or attain a competitive advantage through the knowledge you have acquired, it is enough to select an Avatar and follow its news. After that you don’t have to spend any more time searching, instead, you can focus on analyzing and processing the acquired information.

Like the aforementioned startup that with the help of the Fintech Industry Overview Avatar is constantly tracking the trends of its industry, its competitors and their strategic moves can prepare for any eventuality that could impact its business.


The Business Model Innovations Avatar helps them to make strategic decisions. It allows the startup to gain in-depth knowledge based on events happening in the world (e.g. strategic partnerships) on what solutions others have used for growth.

So two Avatars helped an innovative business to quickly reshape their business models in a short time by optimizing their business with the involvement of a strategic partner with whom growth became possible.

If you want to find the solution or idea that will help your business to take the lead, join us and become one of the users of BrightMeUp!


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