The concept of searching the web with a conventional search engine is easy: you type in a search term, hit enter, and the results list appears. But what happens when you need to find relevant business information in complicated sectors like Fintech? How do you conduct your search if you cannot simplify your idea into a few keywords?

The general idea behind BrightMeUp! is simple. The goal is to provide real-time, relevant knowledge and thus help its users remain competitive or even gain competitive advantage.

The basic pillars (main elements) required for a knowledge acquisition application are:

  • an AI that can quickly and easily learn even very complex concepts
  • a search engine that can search on a meaning basis as well as with the knowledge of the aforementioned AI
  • the already trained AI mentioned in the first point, which follows all the relevant information on the most important pages of the web with this knowledge, and puts this knowledge in front of you in real-time.

The Avatar can learn complex phrases and topics and narrow down the endless stream of information to parts that are important to the user, thus speeding up the work process.

We built our product around the information gathering needs of people. It allows deep understanding, or the continuous following of a determined – even a very complex – topic. BrightMeUp! has three main functions: the Newsfeed, the Avatars, and the Explore interface.

In this post, we’ll explain why BightMeUp! is unique, and describe how to use its functions to get every piece of relevant business information you need.

What is BrightMeUp!, and Why Does it Matter?

BrightMeUp! is an AI-supported knowledge base, using innovative NLP technology to provide actual business knowledge.

It combines the benefits of trainable artificial intelligence, a meaning-based search engine, and a news aggregator to provide real-time, relevant data.

If you want to know more about the technology behind our product, read our blog post here.

If you want to know more about the databases of our product, read our blog post here.

How to use BrightMeUp!

The Newsfeed

Articles from trusted sources (news sites, professional sites) appear in this section. You can customize the feed to suit your interests. If you use BrightMeUp! for the first time, the feed will be empty. To fill it with relevant information, you first have to choose an Avatar.

The Avatar is an AI-based virtual colleague trained on a specific topic, which not only displays news related to its topic but can also be used to search for news. More on that later.

In the News interface, topics selected from the Hot and New Avatars list are immediately added to the Favorites and into the feed. You will see the ones you picked on the left, and determine which Avatar’s latest news you want to read.

Click on the All articles button to see the latest news in the feed, regardless of the topic.

Clicking on the All Favorites button will display the latest news in the feed from all the Avatars that you follow.

By clicking on the Avatars menu above, you can choose from the list of Avatars currently available. Each Avatar represents a unique topic you can follow.

The application groups news that has the same content but originates from different sources together. A number above the article indicates the exact quantity. You can read the selected item in its original environment, without leaving the application.

You can filter the articles with different methods. Narrow down the result list to find the ones that are the most relevant to you. For example, you can filter by source or search by keyword in the feed.


The Avatar is a virtual colleague, trained on a specific topic. In default, it will display news related to its field, but you can also use it to search for news. Click Avatars to find the ones that are available to you.

Look for more detailed information about the topic of each Avatar on the Avatar cards. You can also rate them or share them with others.

Avatars are fast and automatized. With their help, you can gain in-depth knowledge, or receive continuous updates of a topic to preserve your competitiveness.

An Avatar can learn the meaning of a topic like a human,

  • then collect and structure essential news/information,
  • continuously update the feed,
  • and make it possible for you to get in-depth knowledge or be up-to-date on a given topic, as the articles can be searched and read in one application.

We already created several Avatars, covering exciting topics. For example, you can choose from a wide range of Avatars that embrace the Fintech industry.

These Avatars are pre-taught with relevant content (such as professional definitions, descriptions, and company profiles) related to the given topic to give you the most significant piece of information.

The Avatar is steadily following, collecting, and browsing through the latest news in its topic based on the information it has learned. Once gathered, it displays only the relevant articles in your feed, saving you a lot of time and work.

Additionally, you can also use pre-taught Avatars in the search on the Explore page. In this case, the hits will be more relevant as the Avatar contain much more information than a simple search term in the semantic search process.

Avatars can be especially useful if you need to map a new area, but don’t know where to start. It doesn’t matter if you do not know the right keywords, search terms, or description, pre-taught Avatars already understand their topic (digital banking services, for example). You will get relevant results and can read the current news of the subject even if you did not have any relevant experience in it before.


The Explore interface provides you the tools to start a search using our semantic search engine. It is important to note that our databases only collect articles from pre-selected, credible sources. This way, you won’t encounter unreliable content from untrustworthy sites.

The main advantage of this interface is that you don’t have to think about keywords, and no search tricks (like putting the keyword in quotation marks) are necessary.

BrightMeUp! is using semantic search engine technology, where the length of the search term may vary from one word to extremely long texts. This way, you can start a search using several paragraphs or extended definitions as an input. The hits are either displayed in order of relevance or chronology.

The meaning of the search text is the sole parameter that determines the relevance of the hits.

Unlike conventional search engines, BrightMeUp! does not use tags or metadata in the search process and does not collect information about the user, hence avoids locking you into a filter bubble.

You can narrow the result list by setting the time interval or filtering the sources.

You can also search with Avatars. It will make it much easier to find the relevant data in a complex topic, thanks to the trained knowledge of the Avatar.

Explore starting interface:

Example of a search with longer text:

Searching with Avatar:

# Tips and Reminders for Bright Me Up!

  • With BrightMeUp!, you can explore and learn about a topic in-depth or follow it continuously.
  • Avatars, based on the knowledge they have learned with the help of the applied artificial intelligence, narrow the endless stream of information to the parts that are important to you.
  • You don’t have to think about keywords. Search using several paragraphs or long texts as input.
  • The application can be tailored to your needs, speeding up the process of obtaining information.
  • The content of each database is from pre-selected, credible sources.


With BrightMeUp!, you now have the means to explore relevant business information within seconds, searching with whole paragraphs as an input.

Our product helps people and companies to access relevant information in real-time and transform it into competitive knowledge by using AI that understands their needs and can narrow down the endless pile of information to the essential pieces.

If you want to know more about our service, read our blog post about the technology behind BrightMeUp! here.

If you want to know how BrightMeUp! helped other people with their business, read our use cases here, here and here.


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