BrightMeUp! is a tool to gain real, applicable knowledge. Avatars, virtual colleagues, are capable of understanding our needs including those elements we don’t want to waste time with.

How does an Avatar understand what content is helping me to achieve my goal?

We teach it to him. In the background of the application, there is an artificial intelligence that can understand natural languages, that is the way a person speaks and writes.

In our case, we endow the Avatar with knowledge by adding meaningful texts to its knowledge content. This content can be paragraphs, longer texts, articles, or even full documents. We teach these Avatars until we get a high-quality list of results to achieve our goal, closely related to the text we gave as knowledge content.

When teaching an Avatar, we speak about wide and in-depth methods.

What do these concepts mean, and why is it important?

When Brightmeup_avatar_wide_teachingthe Avatar topic is general, it covers multiple subtopics, we need to teach it with each subtopic as well. This is the comprehensive wide teaching method. If we are generally interested in power plants, then we should teach our Avatars about all types of power plants in as equal a proportion as possible in terms of quantity.

In the case where we are only and exclusively interested in one type of power plant, e.g., hydropower, we apply in-depth teaching. This method is in-depth teaching when we endow the knowledge of an Avatar with content related to a specific, well-defined topic.

Gain applicable knowledge!

Our experience is that teaching an Avatar is an easy-to-learn process. As the technology and concept itself are new, our task is to provide the interface with all the elements that support users to achieve their goals by following the most convenient and shortest possible route.

As long as we work hard on this challenge, our users can choose from the Avatars offered by the system. However, if they cannot find the right one, personalized enough, they can easily request Avatars, which we will create for them in a short period of time. The user gives us the name and description of the requested Avatar: what is its purpose, what kind of information it should, and shouldn’t contain.

The required Avatars appear in a voting list. Therefore they are public to other users. According to the instructions provided by the user, we will create the requested Avatar and notify him about the process, in constant contact.

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