The day doesn’t have a structure? How can I remain efficient while working from home? Motivation fades away among the four walls? What solutions and tools do others use so that the efficiency of the organization does not decrease, there are no misunderstandings, communication remains smooth and work processes do not slow down? Maintaining the efficiency of work from home is hard. The Avatar that gives you the solution: Ideas for effective home office.

Larger organizations need greater structure and planning when transforming work frameworks and systems, especially if it is to be carried out very quickly. The situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic is the best example of how quickly the lives of all of us can change in the individual as well as at the organizational level.

This case study examines the problem from an employee’s point of view. Many would agree that short-term home office is a blessing. “Finally, I am my own boss!”, “I decide when to do what!”, “I have a lot more time for everything as opposed to when I have to go to the office!”. These are the experiences after the first few weeks. But we must not forget the period when the sugar coating melts away and we notice that the tasks are piling up, we have been sitting at home in the same sweatpants for three weeks and have not washed our hair or shaved who knows since when. But why would we have done that? We would not meet anybody from the outside world and there are no expectations towards us. At least we think there are none. But then the first “Is it ready?” or “I’m waiting for the report” inquiries are starting to arrive, and we find ourselves with nothing to present because the days are just passing by and often we don’t even know what tools do we need, or what strategy to use to create an inspiring work environment or a motivating and maintainable work schedule at home.

Selecting the tools (apps) and establishing the framework is not just the responsibility of the employee. It is also a challenge for the management to coordinate processes and maintain efficiency levels. Life doesn’t just stop, and neither do the tasks to be done.

BrightMeUp!’s „Ideas for effective home officeAvatar enables you to read articles that give you creative and effective ideas quickly. And with the help of its meaning-based search engine, you will be able to find further useful content on the topic in little time.

What is BrightMeUp! really? How does it work?

BrightMeUp! is an intelligent knowledge base with which you can gain genuine business expertise from selected, credible sources. Avatars, i.e. a virtual staff with artificial intelligence, are at the user’s disposal offering a meaning-based search engine (Explore) and a customizable news feed (News).


Avatars are able to learn a topic like a human being. The Avatars available in the app were taught at the time of their creation, with the help of dozens of articles, what articles are related to a given topic in terms of content, and what are not. This way, even in a limited area, you will see exactly the articles related to the topic. The trained Avatar constantly collects, reads and selects the latest articles on the topic, which you can read in the feed. So the Avatar works for you and saves you time, while you get yourself up to date quickly. In BrightMeUp! you can choose among Avatars covering the whole fintech field. If there is a topic for which you cannot find an Avatar, you can request one.


If you want to delve deeper into a topic, the meaning-based search engine in the Explore interface ensures that you can find what you want. Here you can even search with longer texts, with a single paragraph or even by copying an entire document. This allows you to search for a complex topic that cannot be described by a single keyword.

Based on the meaning of the entered text you will get (exact) results in order of relevance or chronology, whichever you prefer.

It is important to note that we do not save your search history, we do not build a user profile, the results are displayed only based on the content of the text of the search.

You can also search with Avatars, and with the help of additional articles related strongly to a useful hit, you can dig even deeper and gain more knowledge on the subject.


In the news feed (News) you can define what you want to read. Just select the Avatar you are interested in and you can begin to read its news. It’s quick and easy. This way you can expand your knowledge every morning with a new idea or solution when you open the application.

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