Let’s Test

Be an Insider and help shape BrightMeUp! for the world!

Are you a tech enthusiastic, early adopter, or an influencer who want to experience innovation?

BrightMeUp! helps you to gain real business knowledge from selected, credible sources in FinTech. Our team is continuously working on providing the best experience and features. Your participation in testing will help us release a better version of the app.


How can you help us? 

Usability Testing

Get robust usability feedback to improve our user interface and make users happier. See each participant’s screen as you speak your thoughts and use our app.


How does it work?BrightMeUp! is an innovative new application at the beginning of its life circle. Submitting suggestions or reporting a problem can be very easy if we gain feedback like yours. Don’t hesitate to create some new input for us.

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